Interview with Lisa Blaurock, President and Founder, Affordable Allergy Testing

Lisa Blaurock is the President and Founder of Affordable Allergy Testing. Pet Allergy Hacks recently spoke with her about what drove her to create the company, the remarkable results she’s seen, and her mission to help people and their fur babies live better lives.


Lisa Blaurock, President and Founder, Affordable Allergy Testing
Lisa Blaurock, President and Founder, Affordable Allergy Testing

Can you tell us about the history of Affordable Allergy Testing and why you founded the company?
After having my kids, I always struggled with my weight.  I even had lap band surgery (also had the band removed… long story). After having my band removed my doctor told me he would see me back when I started to gain the weight back again… What??? Frankly I was so angry so I started to look for answers because I hardly ate anything and slowly the weight started to creep back on… well I found a doctor that suggested I get an allergy / intolerance test… at the cost of $850!!! But I was desperate for answers… got the results back and found out that I was intolerant to gluten and dairy among other things…. I immediately went cold turkey and I realized all the issues I was having with heartburn, burping, upset stomach, etc. was due to my FOOD.

Several months later my daughter (a collegiate athlete) complained of her constant upset stomach and bloating. So, I decided to find a less expensive way to get her tested… I thought I had found a good price at testing for $250.00… after getting her results (just like me, she is gluten and dairy intolerant) I decided affordable allergy testing was needed. I found a lab that was willing to partner with me—however I hesitated because I was looking toward retirement not a new business. Finally, a 22-year-old family friend kicked my butt into gear. That is how Affordable Allergy Test was created.

Being a pet parent/grandma to 4 dogs and 3 cats it was natural our next test would be geared toward pets.  I understand the desperation to help your fur baby and give them a voice.  It has been extremely satisfying to offer another option for pet parents.  We want our customers to bring the results and work hand in hand with their vets to find the right diet and environment.

Now my mission is to spread the word of affordable testing.  Our long-term goal is to provide tests for shelters and rescue groups in order to help the pets with allergy issues to get adopted and not be returned to the group because of expensive meds.

I am not a medical professional… just a mom, pet parent and woman over 50 that wanted answers.

What makes Affordable Allergy Testing different from other allergy and intolerance testing?
It is affordable, done with hair samples, conducted in the convenience of your own home.

Why is helping people understand their own profile so important to you?
It is all about health and knowledge.

Do any cases in particular stand out for you?
Yes, we spoke with a girl that was in her 30s that had chronic acne issues. After the testing and elimination of her food intolerances, her acne finally cleared up!

How did you get involved working with animals?
We originally just had the human test but people kept asking, What about pets? so we began the process to add the pet test.

Do any animal cases in particular stand out for you?
Oh, my. There are so many. One in particular is a woman with a dog that kept chewing his paws every day, almost to the point of bleeding. She ordered the test after het vet told her there was nothing else he could do. The results came back indicating the dog had an issue with WOOL! The women had wool area rugs all over her house. Once she took up the rugs, within a week the dog stopped chewing his paws!

What pets do you have?
I have 4 dogs, 1 grand dog, and 3 cats.

Favorite animal movie?
Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Favorite animal book?
Jungle Book

Best advice for people just starting to explore intolerances in themselves or their pets?
Don’t be overwhelmed. It takes diligence and patience but the results are worth it

Thoughts on nutrition, allergies, and behavior?
We all understand the benefit of eating a healthy diet. However, even eating healthy foods may not be good for you due to intolerances. Changing your lifestyle to make sure you read ingredients and products labels is key.