Do You Know What Causes Your Horse’s Allergies? Learn the Secret

Does Your Horse Suffer From Allergies?

Many horses suffer from allergies and sensitivities. Understanding what causes your horse’s reactions is important—allergic reactions and intolerances can make a horse miserable, can stress his or her systems, and can cause behavior or performance issues. More importantly, reactions can become more severe with repeated exposure to the trigger.

Fortunately, it is now easy and painless (both for you and your horse) to determine exactly what is your horse is reacting to.

Painless, affordable allergy and sensitivity testing for horses

One of the challenges horses face is that the source of allergies can be hard to identify. For example, pollen can be carried for miles by the wind. In addition, allergies in horses are cumulative, meaning that a horse might not react to one trigger, but when faced with a combination of substances, their systems might react.

Testing is often the best (or only) way to identify the source

Traditional testing for allergies in horses is painful and expensive. Typically, the horse is sedated and an area of skin is shaved. Then different allergens are injected into the skin and the injection sites are evaluated and scored. There are also blood tests for allergens (especially for food allergens) but they are very expensive and notoriously inaccurate.

Affordable Allergy Testing provides a comprehensive test or food and environmental sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances via a painless, hair-based test. This is a non-IgE mediated response test, testing for over 300 of the most common food and environmental triggers.

The test uses hair from your horse’s mane, tail, or coat. No blood, no sedation, no saliva, no stress.

It’s affordable and fast—you’ll get an email in a week or two after the lab receives the sample.

If you’ve seen hives, itching, coughing, wheezing or other signs of allergic responses, don’t you owe it to your horse to give this accurate, pain-free testing a try? Take the guess work out of the process and learn what you need to do to give your horse the diet and environment he or she needs.